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This love is all I've got in my head

When my good friend Leo Walton asked if I wanted to bring my wife and child to holiday with his his family in Paxos in June 2018, it wasn't too tricky working out my response (which went along the lines of "Hell yes, brother, when do we leave!?"). What I didn't know then is that we'd find ourselves playing a six hour set of balearic beach biscuits at the Island's coolest beach bar (thank you so much for having us, Ben!) on the occasion of my birthday while we were out there. Joy!

On returning to Blighty, Leo and I each recorded a 45 minutes (or thereabouts) set of some of the records we played in Paxos to create a 90 minute mixtape of sunshine tunes for summertime chilling. I took the controls for the first half and Leo took over about 47 minutes in. As well as being a nice momento of our families holidaying together, the resulting mix also makes for a nice way to celebrate 14 years of DJing together. I hope we all get to Relaxos in Paxos again soon. Next year, Leo?